16 Oct 2022
by Danfoss

Green transformation starts with district energy

Green transformation starts with district energy, Danfoss two-part, expert-led online event dedicated to helping optimise, expand, and modernise the heating network.

The current energy crisis has made Europe’s decarbonization journey more important than ever before. Despite past years’ green policies, fossil fuels still cover 70% of our heating and cooling demand—21% of which is gas alone. As a result, district heating utilities face soaring energy prices, uncertainty of imported sources, urgency to diversify their supply, as well as the labor-intensive challenge of expanding the grid to include consumers in areas previously heated with gas. That means the time to establish end-to-end network resilience is now—and to harness the opportunity to transform the future with district energy. Danfoss is committed to helping you ensure and secure your heating supply with insights and best practices on how to optimize and expand district energy networks—in a way that is both sustainable, cost-effective, and climate ambitious. 

Boost network flexibility with Leanheat Building Danfoss.png

Boost network flexibility with Leanheat Building [part 1] 

New and innovative technologies present exciting opportunities in district energy. Smart solutions can help heating utilities develop flexible, transparent networks that drive efficiency, support resilience, and integrate new heat sources. Learn how with Danfoss Leanheat® Building, a cloud-based AI solution, heating utilities can efficiently optimize their network through the controllability of substations in multi-family homes—establishing reserve flexibility today. 


Build district energy resilience for a greener future [part 2] 

Building district energy...Danfoss.png

Consumers increasingly want greater living comfort, competitive energy costs, and greener solutions for their heating. And in urban centers, district energy utilities can harness local, renewable energy resources despite unforeseen disruptions—from natural disasters to fuel shortages. Our experts will unpack the innovations and full range of solutions that will help you build and expand district energy networks for resilient, cost-efficient, and greener heating. 

Full agenda:

  •  How district energy is driving the green transition
  • Optimizing networks from end-to-end 
  • District energy network expansion in Germany
  • District energy network expansion 101
  • Pioneering the green transition in Sonderborg
  • Q&A: All things district energy

In the following link you can register and have access in the two webcasts.