Funding & Financing Update - September 2023

CET Partnership 2023 Joint Call 

The CETPartnership, co-funded by the European Union, is uniting public and private stakeholders to transform the clean energy landscape. It aims to bolster the EU's pursuit of climate neutrality by 2050 through transnational innovation ecosystems. The recently announced CETPartnership Joint Call 2023, with 12 distinct modules, harnesses national and regional RDTI funding to accelerate clean energy solutions across various Technology Readiness Levels. This initiative promises to amplify global efforts for sustainable energy innovation, emphasising collaboration and progress toward a cleaner, greener future. 

The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is on 22 November.






Horizon Europe Info Day – Cluster 5

The eagerly anticipated Horizon Europe Info Day for Cluster 5 is set to take place on October 17. Hosted by the European Commission, this event will unveil the research and innovation topics outlined for 2024 within the framework of the Horizon Europe Cluster 5, encompassing Climate, Energy, and Mobility.

As part of the Work Programme 2023-2024, this Info Day will be a valuable opportunity for prospective applicants to delve into the funding possibilities available for 2024, boasting a budget of over €1 billion. The program's focal point is the harmonisation of the green and digital transitions, a strategic endeavour to realise Europe's climate neutrality ambition by 2050. 



€99 million available for funding your project ideas for the LIFE Clean Energy Transition

Don't miss the opportunity to propel your clean energy projects forward with the latest LIFE Clean Energy Transition Call for Proposals 2023. With an impressive EUR 99 million earmarked for support and an exceptional 95% co-funding rate, this is your chance to make your sustainable vision a reality.

Whether your project aligns with one of the 13 dedicated funding topics, you're encouraged to submit your innovative ideas before the deadline on 16 November 2023. Among the topics, the LIFE-2023-DHC call aiming to enable modernisation and fuel switch of DHC systems through support for investments plan and skills development. Seize the moment to drive positive change in the clean energy landscape.  

#EULife23 - Clean Energy Transition_OK_1.png


"Beyond the Horizon" Webinar Series, Calls for Members’ Experiences

EHP|DHC+ is gearing up to launch the "Beyond the Horizon" webinar series. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for members to share their invaluable experiences with various funding programs beyond Horizon Europe and LIFE. With each webinar focusing on a specific funding program such as the Innovation Fund, Modernisation Fund, and Just Transition Fund, participants can gain insights into successful strategies and approaches. The "Beyond the Horizon" series is set to kick off this November. 


Call for Sharing Experiences:

EHP|DHC+ encourages its members to actively participate in this knowledge-sharing endeavour. If you're eager to contribute your experiences and expertise, reach out to Gabriele Pesce directly at [email protected]

Stay tuned for updates on this enriching webinar series as EHP|DHC+ brings together insights from across the funding landscape to foster innovation and collaboration.