EU project UpgradeDH launches campaign : Become a #DHCitizen!

District heating and cooling (DHC) is a modern solution to traditional challenges. In Europe, heating and cooling accounts for half of all energy consumption and around 40% of GHG emissions. Only 15% of this heat is generated from renewable energy. District energy delivers sustainable heating and cooling, connecting local resources to local needs, reducing both energy demand and GHG emissions in the process. To become the main heating solution of Europe, district heating needs investment from national governments and support from local citizens.   UpgradeDH is launching an image raising campaign to promote modern district heating networks. The campaign aims to improve the perception of district heating at local level, thus establishing district heating as a viable solution for the energy transition, in the minds of citizens. The webpage provides information on DHC, as well as its role in decarbonising our cities; highlights examples of decarbonisation success stories thought an integrated #DHCities map; gathers DHC customer experiences and information about relevant initiatives in different countries. A brochureDistrict Heating and Cooling. A modern solution to traditional challenges” explains in simplified language, the benefits district energy delivers at all levels (i.e. local, national and global), its operating principles, and opportunities for modernisation of inefficient networks. It features selected UpgradeDH case studies that are undergoing retrofitting processes and invites citizens to engage with the heating solutions in their own homes. The brochure will be made available in 6 languages. Due to the level of interest in the animation videoDecarbonising DHC For Our Cities”, the UpgradeDH partners have translated the video into additional languages in an effort to reach national audiences across Europe! Finally, a social media campaign #DHCitizen will be carried out in order to create awareness and raise interest in the topic of modern district heating networks among the general public, showcasing best practices of retrofitting and success stories of upgrading local communities to district energy.   Don’t miss the updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with the hashtag #DHCitizen and join the movement!