EU-28 Residential Heat Supply and Consumption: Historical Development and Status

This paper (2020) provides a deep understanding of the historical development, path dependency and current status of the EU-28 residential heat sectors to inform strategy and policy makers and to open up this black box. Data is combined for buildings, installed technologies, fuel consumption and energy supply for Member States from 1990 to 2015, to analyse the importance of large-scale infrastructures and supply chains. The analysis show path-dependent trajectories are present in most Member States, especially regarding natural gas infrastructure. The period shows many options for decarbonisation are not used to the full potential, e.g., energy efficiency in buildings, district heating, heat pumps.

Authors: Nis Bertelsen and Brian Vad Mathiesen (Department of Planning, Aalborg University)

Keywords: residential heat supply, heat, decarbonisation, EU-28, supply chain, energy efficiency, data quality, path dependency