13 Jan 2023

Enerhack organized a free energy camp for young girls

The main aim of the camp was to talk about energetics in an interesting way and to introduce engineering and inspirational female engineers to young girls.

At the beginning of January, DHC+ member Enerhack organised a free energy camp for girls aged 7-18 at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).


Enerhack camp for girls.jpg


TalTech lecturers and students conducted classes and organized experiments for more than 300 young girls.

The main activities of the camp were based on practical exercises and experience. Girls were studying:

  • thermal energy (including district heating and cooling),
  • electrical energy and
  • renewable energy sources.

One of the lecturers was The European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson who introduced European plans regarding climate neutrality and future challenges to the participants.


Additional information can be found here: https://enerhack.camp/2023