ELES joins the DHC+ Technology Platform

We are delighted to welcome the first Electricity Transmission System Operator among our members!   ELES is a Slovenian electricity transmission system operator. With a professional approach, know-how and advanced technology, ELES has been providing safe, reliable, and uninterrupted electricity transmission throughout Slovenia and across the borders for more than 90 years.  

As the energy landscape is changing very fast, ELES is strengthening its research and innovation activities and cooperation with international partners in the areas that will be of key importance for the success of company operations in the future. ELES participates in numerous international projects, in which partners aim to find solutions to the most troubling issues in the electricity system. Recognizing the interdependence between different industries, they have started also cross-sectoral integration in the field of e-mobility, gas, and heat.

Visit www.eles.si/en for more information.

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