EHP Mix, Mingle & Meet

An informal, virtual meetup where members come together to talk, connect, and network.

Open exchange on ideas, solutions and topics affecting our community the most. Although EHP's Mix, Mingle & Meet will be open to any interested person from Euroheat & Power | DHC+ Member organisations and participation will be free of charge, advance registration will be required.


We will be back in 2021 with a range of exciting activities including our "Warm-up" Series in the lead up to #21EHPcong. Early bird tickets are available - Register HERE.



2021 to be announced

Join us for an informal chat. Each time in a different city / environment, to find out what’s all about there is just one option - attend!

No Agenda. No PowerPoint Presentation. Just a forum to talk, connect, and engage. Join your fellow industry professionals for an informal conversation. You just got 5 minutes! No problem, you can connect and leave any time, join any group / discussion circle you like. Rather up for a one on one chat? This is also possible.

Have a look at our guide for more information about the concept and how to connect: Download Guide


Virtual Mix, Mingle & Meet Expectations

  • Speak up and share your thoughts. No idea, question, or comment is too small or too large.
  • The event is¬†open forum and discussion-based, but, if you need to share your screens or demo you can do!
  • Turn your webcam on.¬†It is strongly encouraged for the best face-to-face networking in our virtual setting.
  • Your privacy is serious business. We will not be recording this meetup or its conversations.
  • It's all about coming together. Have fun and make (re) new connection!

 Past Mix, Mingle & Meets:

    • 10 December 2020 - An extra-long networking session with the skyline of Vilnius. For three hours people joined, left and came back - thanks a bunch to our wonderful community!

Attendees came from the following organisations: Austroflex, Comsof, Danish District Heating Association, Danish University of Technology, Diehl Metering, Energy Community, GT Karkovac, Iceland School of Energy, Independant Consultant,  Johanneberg Science Park, Kraftringen Energi AB, Lithuanian DH Association, LOGSTOR, Metro Boston, Quest Integrity NLD B.V., REGEA, Residentia, Stepsahead Optimized Industry Energy Systems, Vattenfall, VDE Verlag GmbH

    • 26 November 2020 - thanks to everyone who went with us to new heights!

Attendees came from the following organisations: AGFW, Comsof, Dalkia, Danish District Heating Association, Energy Opticon AB, GRUNDFOS, Iceland School of Energy, Jurmala District Heating Company, LOGSTOR, Norsk Fjernvarme, Quest Integrity NLD B.V., Swedenergy (Energiföretagen Sverige), VITO - EnergyVille

    • 12 November 2020 - thanks to a great and diverse crowd joining us and sharing some good news too!

Attendees came from the following organisations: Aars Fjernvarme, Austroflex, Beogradske Elektrane JKP (SERBIA- DHC), Devcco, Energie-Nederland, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, Norsk Fjernvarme, Quest Integrity, Salaspils Siltums, Swedish Environment Research Institute, Vexve

    • 29 October 2020¬†- thank you¬†to all joined us at the famous 80's¬†arcade game

Attendees came from the following organisations: AEE-INTEC, Austroflex, Budapest University, Devcco, ENGIE, HeatConsult, Johanneberg Science Par, KTH, LOGSTOR, Marafeq, Quest Integrity NLD B.V, Reykjavík University; Iceland School of Energy, VITO - EnergyVille

  • 15 October 2020 -¬†thank you for helping us find a way out of the maze

Attendees came from the following member organisations: Austroflex, Comsof, Fortum, QUEST Integrity, Swedenergy, Turboden

  • 1 October 2020 - thank you for exploring the future with us!

Attendees came from the following member organisations: ENGIE, Finnish Energy, HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts, QUEST Integrity, Turboden

I got more out of this informal networking than at a conference!

  • 17 September 2020 - thank you for joining us on the rooftop bar in San Francisco!

    Attendees came from the following member organisations: Austroflex, Lithuanian District Heating Association, Veolia

Topics of Conversation of the 1st EHP Mix, Mingle & Meet season:

  • 26 June 2020¬†-¬†Sharing Stories: The Past Ten Years in DHC. What‚Äôs Changed? What Still Needs To? - EHP Host:¬†Paul Voss
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: ABB, Austroflex, ENGIE (X2), Finnish Energy
  • 19 June 2020¬†¬†-¬†Sharing Stories: How will the economic recovery be for district heating? V, W, L or Nike logo shaped? - EHP Host:¬†Alessandro Provaggi
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: Brugg, Comsof, Gruppo IREN
  • 12¬†June 2020¬†-¬†Sharing Stories: District heating from scratch¬†- EHP Host: Jack Corscadden
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: ABB, Danfoss, DEVCCO, ENGIE, Optit srl, University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK)
  • 5 June 2020¬†-¬†Sharing Stories: Making the most of DHC in Italy¬†- EHP Host: Giulia Forgnone
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: A2A, ABB, Ambiente Italia, DANFOSS, Halmstad University, LOGSTOR, Optit srl

Feedback included: Good event (X2) - Interesting meeting

  • 29¬†May 2020¬†-¬†Sharing Stories: How can we improve the image of DH?¬†- EHP Host: Aksana Krasatsenka
    Attendees¬†came from the following member organisations:¬†Austroflex, ENGIE, Finnish Energy, Grundfos, MAT√ĀSZSZ - Association of Hungarian District Heating Enterprises, The ADE, Vattenfall

Feedback included: Very dynamic quite short & the chat in Teams remain open; Great topic and lively exchange, plus motivation to participate in EHP campaigns; Short and sweet - nice to network with a specific topic

  • 15¬†May 2020¬†- Sharing Stories: Our new digital reality - EHP Host: Pauline Lucas
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: Dansk Fjernvarme, ENGIE, Fortum, Marafeq, Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG

Feedback included: Very relevant topic - good format - participant from outside EU

  • 08¬†May 2020¬†- Sharing Stories: Working with Cities in 2020 and Beyond - EHP Host: Sofia Lettenbichler
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: ABB, Cetetherm, Comsof, ENGIE, FGW, HEP Toplinarstvo d.o.o, Veolia

Feedback included: Useful meeting,chat - EHP to keep doing even after the COVID-19 crisis - a possibility to meet other members informally, from different European countries without traveling - open discussion in a limited circle

  • 29 April 2020¬†- Sharing Stories: New ways of communicating with our customers? - EHP Host: Kale Symons
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: Austroflex, Danfoss, Finnish Energy, Norsk Fjernvarme, Qatar Cool, Vattenfall, Veolia

Feedback included: We need to get the messages out to our customers - DHC means COMFORT - Good start

  • 24 April 2020 - Sharing Stories: How are you adapting to our new reality? - EHP Host: Paul Voss
    Attendees came from the following member organisations: Armstrong Fluid Technology, Danish District Heating Association, Fortum , Lithuanian District Heating Association, PetroBio, Swedenergy

Feedback included: Easy way of get in touch with the EHP community in the Corona times - Go on with this concept

Questions - Comments - Suggestions email [email protected]

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