07 Aug 2020

Effects of Loads on Asset Management of the 4th Generation District Heating Networks

IEA DHC Annex XII project "Effects of loads on asset management of the 4th generation district heating networks" investigates the influence of future mechanical and thermal load spectra on the service life of pre-insulated bonded single pipes. The latter represent the majority of currently operating DH pipelines, based on the 3rd generation technology (3GDH). 4th generation DH networks (4GDH) operate at lower temperatures, also integrating renewable energy sources, that are more volatile compared to operating loading in traditional DH.

The lower levels of operating temperature, and the increased amount of cyclic loading influence ageing and the service life of 4GDH networks, requiring proper analysis of the system performance. To evaluate the material durability of operating 4GDH pipelines, this research project analyses the behaviour of the service steel pipe, the insulation foam, and their adhesive interaction, using an innovative analytical and experimental procedure.

Date of publication: 31/03/2020

Authors: Ingo Weidlich, Gersena Banushi, Nazdaneh Yarahmadi, Ignacy Jakubowicz, Jan Henrik Sällström, Alberto Vega, Jooyong Kim, Yeon Soo Kim, Øyvind Nilsen, Thomas Grage, Georg Schuchardt, Fang Yang (IEA-DHC, Annex XII)

Keywords: district heating pipes, thermal fatigue, thermal loading, ageing tests, 4th generation district heating

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