22 Feb 2023

EED recast: Don’t put primary energy in the corner

Euroheat & Power co-signed an open letter calling on policymakers to green-light a binding EU 2030 primary energy target in the Energy Efficiency Directive trilogue negotiations.

The Current EED implementation shows the importance of setting binding targets, both for the EU and for national contributions; an indicative 2030 EU energy efficiency target for primary energy sends the wrong signal to businesses and investors that system efficiency is not a priority for the EU and that a cut in energy use must be pursued in the end-use sectors only.

Without a binding energy efficiency target for primary energy, the EED will not be fit for the current challenges, and the synergies between demand-side resources and renewable energy will not be fully maximised.

The letter is co-signed by The Coalition for Energy Savings, COGEN Europe, Euroheat & Power, EGEC Geothermal, SmartEn, Solar Heat Europe and T&D Europe.