17 Jan 2021

Digital Cities – Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Solutions and strategies for integrating vast amounts of data into complex operational processes thereby reducing environmental impact and costs while improving end-user convenience and financial returns.

Meet some of the pioneering companies and individuals in the digital and smart city sectors presenting new technologies from across Europe which will shape and drive the implementation of sustainable heating and cooling solutions – including Uniper, Siemens, Hydraulic Analysis and Soficta and more.


We will also introduce Whitehaven Micro-City Test bed for SMART places, an initiative in Cumbria which involves a living lab to test the integration of technology, design, environment and society. By leveraging on the regional concentration of highly skilled professionals and world leading companies, the region is now rapidly emerging as a centre of excellence in the new smart technologies which will shape our future. A range of well-known global companies are now creating a centre of gravity, attracting established businesses and innovative start-ups from across the globe.


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