02 Aug 2022


High-quality data-driven services for a digital built environment towards a climate-neutral building stock


June 2022  - May 2025

Aim / Objectives

DigiBUILD aspires to transform traditional silo approaches concerning the Building Sector value chain, where stakeholders manage their own data, into digital and smart buildings, merging heterogeneous data sources, and placing the stakeholders as the core of these buildings, by making use of high-quality data and next generation digital building services, supporting the deployment of EU-wide Framework for a Digital Building Logbook.

Expected results

DigiBUILD will provide an open, interoperable and cloud-based toolbox to transform current ‘silo’ buildings into digital, interoperable and smarter ones, based on consistent and reliable data, supporting better-informed decision-making for performance monitoring & assessment, planning of building infrastructure, policy making and de-risking investments.

The DigiBUILD Toolbox will be based and/or incorporate:

  • Federated data lake
  • Dynamic and adaptable data model for semantic interoperability
  • AI-based services for enhanced energy performance, enhanced comfort and well-being, and better informed decision-making and renovation roadmaps.
  • Digital Building Twins for better informed planning design and operation
  • Energy Efficient Building data space and other data sharing interfaces for EU initiatives
  • Data -driven and sharing economy business models


Engineering SpA, National Technical University of Athens, CARTIF, Technical University of Marche, CNET, Veolia, HERON, FOCCHI, Forum Virium Helsinki, Municipality of Iasi, SITTA Research, EDF, EMOTION, IEECP, CWARE, Euroheat & Power, University College London.


The project has received funding from EU’s Horizon Europe Programme under Grant Agreement No. 101069658.