DHC+ Digital Roadmap Survey

Deadline extended until 26 October!

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In July 2019, the DHC+ Platform published a 'Digital Roadmap for District Heating & Cooling' prepared by the Working Group on Digitalisation. This document provided insights on how digitalisation impacts our industry highlighting barriers, objectives, targets, and recommendations for several selected topics.

The Digitalisation Working Group intends to update this roadmap and is conducting a survey to collect all the relevant information and release a new and up-to-date edition of the Digital Roadmap. To gather this data, we need your support!

The survey comprises two sections, each referring to specific Google Surveys. Depending on the nature of your organisation you may fill one or both sections before the closing date on 26 October:

1. If you are a DHC Utility managing production and/or distribution systems that use digital tools to improve design, operations and monitoring, please refer to the DHC Utilities & System Planners Survey.

2. If you are a Digital Solution provider that develops and or distributes solutions to the DHC market, or a DHC Utility that has developed digital solutions in-house, please refer to the Solution Providers Survey.

You can respond to the survey anonymously. If you provide your name and email, you will be invited to the presentation of the results and sent a copy of the final report plus any eventual white paper or document emerging from the analysis.

By accessing either survey you acknowledge that your responses will be used by DHC+ for an updated review of the state of digitalisation of heat and will be reproduced in statistical form in upcoming updated versions of the Roadmap reports, white papers, fact sheets, presentation documents and further analyses and deliverables by the DHC+ working group and its partners.

Your name and affiliation will only be accessible to the DHC+ secretariat and will not be divulged without explicit written consent. Thank you in advance for your input!

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