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We all noticed that remote working during the coronavirus pandemic is more complicated than it first seems… Some are struggling with the new routine, others are struggling to switch off at all, but the majority of us are struggling to combine work and full-time childcare. We share your pain and want to stay by your side in these times of uncertainty!   DHC+ is launching a series of weekly webinars in a completely different format and available for everyone! Grab your favourite coffee or tea mug and have a break while discussing district energy related topics in a very informal atmosphere. We look forward to connecting with you! In the meantime, keep calm, stay home and wash your hands!

DHC+ Talks in July

Integrated Cost-effective Large-scale Thermal Energy Storage for Smart District Heating and Cooling

Thursday, 9 July at 15:30 CET We are delighted to share the IEA-DHC funded project results through the DHC+ Talks webinar. Let's talk about Integrated Cost-effective Large-scale Thermal Energy Storage for Smart District Heating and Cooling! Speakers: Alessandro Provaggi - DHC+ Technology Platform [DHC+ and IEA] Aart Snijders - IFTech International [Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage] Per Alex Sørensen - PlanEnergi [Pit Thermal Energy Storage] Reda Djebbar - Natural Resources Canada [Integration of ATES in district cooling with CHP] Thomas Schmidt - Steinbeis Research Institute Solites [Practical Tools and Outcomes]   Recording is available here

DHC+ Talks in June


Policy Webinar: How can waste heat recovery help decarbonise cities? Best practices & policy recommendations

Thursday, 25 June at 14:00 CET This webinar was jointly organised by the Urban Agenda Energy Transition Partnership action 2, the ReUseHeat project and the Celsius initiative. Experiences from the field and policy recommendations were presented and discussed. Speakers & presentations: Antonio Lopez - DG ENER, Deputy Head of the Renewable Energy Unit Roberto Fedrizzi - EURAC Research / Life4HeatRecovery project coordinator [Industrial waste heat recovery] Erik Barentsen - Dutch Data Center Association [Heat recovery from data centres] Kristina Lygnerud - IVL / ReUseHeat project coordinator [Economic and financial recommendations] Pauline Lucas - Euroheat & Power / coordinator EHP Waste Heat Task Force [Policy recommendations] Moderator: Emilia Pisani - Johanneberg Science Park / Celsius Initiative   Recording is available here

Online #DHCStudentAwards20 Ceremony

Thursday, 18 June at 14:00 CET Discover and celebrate the winners of the 8th International DHC+ Student Awards during our online ceremony in the framework of DHC+ Talks! Speakers & presentations: 3rd place - Martina Capone - Politecnico di Torino [Integrated demand-side and production optimization of complex district heating and cooling networks] 2nd place - Antoine Fabre - MINES Paris-Tech [Substation malfunction detection indicators to improve the operation of district heating networks] 1st place - Benedikt Leitner - AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / TU Wien [Simulating smart coupled district heating and electrical distribution networks] Moderator: Stefan Holler - HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts   CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RECORDING

Who we are and what we do

Thursday, 11 June at 14:00 CET Get to know the DHC+ Team and find out what we do in our daily work to keep the organisation and the DHC sector growing. Speakers: Alessandro Provaggi - Head of the Platform and happy father now that kids are back to school Aksana Krasatsenka - Project & Communication Officer, a proud Belarusian Sofia Lettenbichler - Policy & Projects Manager and 1/3 sailboat owner Gabriele Pesce - Project Officer and a nerdy fitness addict Jack Corscadden - Project Assistant and keen cyclist   CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRESENTATION  

Upgrading heat distribution and piping technologies

Thursday, 4 June at 14:00 CET An essential part of DH systems is the heat distribution network, which connects heat generators with heat sinks. The objective is to guarantee a reliable heat supply which is adjusted to the grid needs and which is as efficient as possible. UpgradeDH focuses on improving the performance of district heating networks in Europe, including the upgrading of heat distribution and piping technologies. Join this webinar to find out more about this topic! Speakers & presentations: Matteo Pozzi - Optit [Network optimisation] Evaldas Čepulis - Lithuanian District Heating Association [Heat distribution in Lithuania] Sebastian Grimm - AGFW Projekt GmbH [Cured-in-place-Pipe] Peter Jorsal - LOGSTOR [Modern pre-insulated pipes] Moderator: Aksana Krasatsenka - DHC+ Technology Platform VIEW THE WEBINAR HERE

DHC+ Talks in May

5th Generation DHC

Thursday, 28 May at 14:00 CET Renewable and waste heat resources are readily available in urban environments. A new generation of highly efficient district heating and cooling networks is needed to harvest these resources and use them to meet local energy demand. Join the REWARDHeat partners for a discussion on how these networks can contribute to a cost-efficient and technically viable decarbonisation of the European heating and cooling sector. Speakers: Roberto Fedrizzi - Eurac Research [REWARDHeat] Herman Eijdems - Mijnwater Christian Keim - EDF/Dalkia ["La Seyne-sur-Mer" demosite] Maria Victoria Cambronero Vazquez - Acciona [WEDISTRICT] Moderator: Jack Corscadden - DHC+ Technology Platform RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE

Digital Heat

Wednesday, 20 May at 14:00 CET Digitalisation is not only a major trend for the future of district heating, but it also provides a way to build resilience against unforeseen challenges such as COVID. Join to hear insights from our members on how digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence can save you time and money. Speakers: Sofia Lettenbichler - Euroheat & Power [Digital Roadmap] Miha Bobič - Danfoss [End to end solution] Kurt Marlein - Comsof [How to deploy a heat network] Herve Huisman - Gradyent [Optimisation of DH networks] Roberto Arevalo Turnes - CIRCE Foundation [Digitalisation Through Simulation] Moderator: Alessandro Provaggi - DHC+ Technology Platform CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RECORDING

Financing Innovation in District Heating

Thursday, 14 May at 14:00 CET Innovation is a key enabler of decarbonisation in the district heating sector. Yet it requires adequate financial instruments to support researchers and companies in their efforts to develop new technological solutions, which can often be a risky investment. Join this DHC+ Talk to learn more about existing and expected financial sources to support R&I in district heating. From European funds to alternative finance and business models, this webinar will show you where the money can be found to support innovative district heating development. Speakers: Nuno Quental - European Commission [Innovation Finance] Kristina Lygnerud - IVL, The Swedish Environment Research Institute [The ReUseHeat experiences] Chiara Candelise - Bocconi University [Crowdfunding for DH]


Gabriele Pesce - DHC+ Technology Platform


DHC+ Assembly (for DHC+ members ONLY)

Tuesday, 5 May at 10:00 CET You will hear about the latest funding opportunities and plans for new consortia, e-meet our new members, get some insights on energy research policy, be informed about the education & training activities, and much more. The online event will start at 10:00 and last until lunchtime. We foresee a virtual pause. The draft programme and the activity report (detailed reporting on the activities undertaken in the last six months) are available in the member area of the Euroheat & Power/DHC+ website. PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE HERE



DHC+ Talks in April

District Heating Upgrade

Thursday, 30 April at 14:00 CET

Usually, the overall upgrading process to improve the efficiency of DH grids is complex and sophisticated. It is time-consuming, long-lasting and implies high investments. UpgradeDH partners aim at simplifying this process by providing guidance and their expertise in strategies, contracts, stakeholder engagement, business models, and other non-technical aspects of upgrading projects.


Dominik Rutz - WIP Renewable Energies [UpgradeDH project]

Dominika Moczko - AGFW | Der Energieeffizienzverband für Wärme, Kälte und KWK e. V. [Standard contract]

Anes Kazagic - JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo (EPBiH) [Stakeholder involvement] Borna Doračić - University of Zagreb [Financial aspects] Moderator: Kristina Lygnerud - IVL, The Swedish Environment Research Institute


Energy Integration

Thursday, 23 April at 14:00 CET

Integrating renewables both from electric and thermal sources as well as waste heat leads to a more flexible, efficient and sustainable system. In this sense, district energy and thermal storage can act as a local energy backbone and help balance the grid. We will explore market barriers and pilot sites from the Magnitude project which aims at increasing and optimising synergies between electricity, gas and heat systems. Speakers: Regine Belhomme - EDF [presentation] Nicole Pini - EIFER Paul Voss - Euroheat & Power Moderator: Alessandro Provaggi - DHC+ Technology Platform



Low Temperature District Heating

Thursday, 16 April at 10:30 CET

The future is now! Decarbonised district heating systems are already here and some of them are spelled “LTDH”. As a matter of fact, low temperature district heating can prove to be an important part in keeping the globe’s temperature low as well. Jointly organised by the COOL DH project and the CELSIUS initiative, the webinar will present some of the opportunities and challenges cities may encounter in their endeavour towards a sustainable and efficient energy system. We will cover how to plan for the deployment of new DHC systems, as well as the extension and refurbishing of existing ones to a higher standard, using local low-grade heat sources.


Sten Gravenslund Olesen - COWI

Sara Kralmark - Kraftringen

Christian Holm Christiansen - Danish Technological Institute


Gabriele Pesce - DHC+ Technology Platform


DHC+ Summer School 2020

Thursday, 9 April at 14:00 CET The next edition of the DHC+ Summer School will take place in Karlshamn (Sweden) at the end of August. Are you curious about the destination, programme, group challenge, registration or participation fees of the 8th International DHC+ Summer School? Then ask all your questions directly to the organisers and hosts! Feel free to share your experience from the previous editions to encourage future participants! ;) Speakers: Katarina Hansell - NetPort Science Park Christian Johansson - NODA Intelligent Systems Kobra Etminani - Halmstad University Slawomir Nowaczyk - Halmstad University Henrik Johansson - Danfoss Moderator: Aksana Krasatsenka - DHC+ Technology Platform VIEW THE RECORDING HERE