Demo Site wanted for a HEU Proposal

An external organization is looking for a demo site to join their Horizon Europe Proposal with a deadline on 26 April. No big writing needed. 
Partner profile:
1-2 Partners from Germany (and potentially NL)

Type of company: 
Combined Heat and Power plant owners -- owning 1 or several CHPs of various sizes (15 MW to 80 MW) The CHP owner is looking to make decisions within the next 2-5 years on the future of CHP plants and is open to considering innovative solutions. 

We would like to involve the partner in a tech transfer by making a business case/feasibility study for retrofitting using the new technologies (as described in the project) to be considered as part of other potential solutions.  

We would need the CHP plant owner to be willing and committed to share data for developing the feasibility study, and participate in the Steering Group of the project and thereby being able to influence the scope of feasibility study

To know more about see this presentation and/or contact Gabriele Pesce [email protected]