28 Jun 2023

Danfoss report: Roadmap for decarbonizing cities

In the next few years, the battle against climate change will be won – or lost – in cities. The solutions are there, but political leaders need to take action to scale them.

 With evidence from credible sources, Danfoss Impact is written to show how existing efficiency technologies can lower the decarbonisation cost and accelerate our economies' electrification.

This longer issue of Danfoss Impact aims to provide a concrete roadmap for mayors, local decision-makers, and urban planners on eliminating all major drivers of the carbon footprint of cities. The paper explores how available technologies can improve the livelihoods of citizens while at the same time making our economies more resilient and creating jobs. It offers a holistic and concrete view of the major urban decarbonization opportunities.

Download the report by clicking the picture below.