CO2 emission intensity of the Estonian district heating sector

This paper presents revised and clarified steps for the calculation of district heating CO2 emission factors.

District heating (DH) widespread in Estonia provides at a national level the most efficient opportunity to achieve the objectives of primary energy efficiency, increasing the percentage of renewable energy and reducing the CO2 emissions.

All previous calculations of CO2 intensity of Estonian DH were performed only based on statistics published by Eurostat and Statistics Estonia. To increase accuracy of initial data and receive results for specific DH networks the real operational data of main Estonian DH networks were collect for year 2020.

Common calculation approach will allow transparent benchmarking of Estonian DH systems and can be used as a good way to inform DH consumers about the CO2 intensity and sustainability of specific DH networks as well as DH sector in general.

Authors: E. Latõšov (Tallinn University of Technology), S. Umbleja (Estonian Power and Heat Association), A. Volkova (Tallinn University of Technology