Celsius Talk on Stakeholder Engagement

When done properly, stakeholder engagement can be the key to the success of a district energy network. Yet, there are many different stakeholders, and each is to be engaged in a particular way. In the framework of theĀ Euroheat & Power CongressĀ Virtual Thursdays, this April theĀ Celsius InitiativeĀ is partnering up with theĀ REWARDHeatĀ andĀ ReUseHeatĀ projects to address the question of how utility companies can better engage with the end-users.


To set the stage, we will hear from Lithuaniaā€™s largest provider of heat,Ā Vilniaus Å”ilumos tinklai. Though it already runs one of the greenest, most efficient and well accepted district heating systems in Europe, it continuously looks to improve its system as well as its services.


We will also learn about theĀ REWARDHeatĀ study assessing which comfort factors (e.g., indoor temperature or air quality) are the most important to customers. It includes customersā€™ engagement in the heating and cooling solution, their comfort demand as well as their willingness to pay for ā€œgreenerā€ heat supply.


Moreover, theĀ ReUseHeatĀ dashboard gathers real time monitoring data at district level to map all power flux, from heat source to end-users, and CO2 emissions, making it possible to hypothesize how a city and its inhabitants perceive such a service. This demonstration of a local energy management dashboard represents a first of a kind solution to raise acceptance and awareness of sustainable district heating among end-users.


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Moderated byĀ Pauline Lucas, Policy Officer atĀ Euroheat & Power



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