01 Oct 2019

Celsius Initiative

A demand driven collaboration hub for efficient, integrated heating and cooling solutions supporting cities in their energy transition to carbon-neutral systems


October 2019 – September 2022


Based on the premise that cities and districts are in a position to take the lead in the energy transition, the European Project CELSIUS, funded under the 7th Framework Programme assembled a network of 72 cities and 68 City Supporters between 2014 and 2017. They joined the project partners (20 organisations from public, private and research institutions) to help cities plan, develop and optimise their district heating and cooling networks.

Building on the reputation and the momentum it had created, at the end of the project the City of Gothenburg through Johanneberg Science ParkRISEIMCG and Euroheat & Power joined forces to create the Celsius Initiative.


It is a demand driven collaboration hub for efficient, integrated heating and cooling solutions supporting cities in their energy transition to carbon-neutral systems. Focusing on cities’ needs, through the forerunner groups, it connects its members to exchange on climate and environmental policiesfoster innovation, leading to solutions that accelerate sustainable development in Europe and across the world.


The initiative provides continuous knowledge sharing through a monthly newsletter, webinars, participatory workshops and the Celsius Toolbox. The later gathers and shares technical, economic, social and policy expertise.

The Celsius tender was concluded in September 2022. Main outcomes include:


These are the Celsius Initiative partners:

  • City of Gothenburg
  • Johanneberg Science Park
  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Euroheat & Power
  • IMCG – Innovation Management and Communication Group


  • EIT Climate-KIC
  • Swedish Energy Agency
  • The European Union’s Directorate General for Energy