Call for abstracts for the RHC ETIP annual conference is open!


The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC ETIP) is organising a technical workshop in the framework of its annual event, which will be held in Helsinki (FI) on 28 October 2019.


The scope of the workshop is to showcase innovative projects related to renewable heating and cooling technologies and best practices for their deployment and integration. The objective is to give visibility to promising R&I projects and to favour exchange of knowledge among sector stakeholders. The workshop will be divided in four sessions, respectively focusing on individual buildings, districts, cities and industries. Three projects/best practices will be presented in each session.


The RHC ETIP is, therefore, launching a call for abstract to select the projects to be showcased. The projects/best practices need to relate to one or more of these categories:

  • new or improved technologies for solar thermal, geothermal and bioenergy;
  • new or improved technologies for thermal networks, heat pumps and thermal storage;
  • development or demonstration of hybrid systems;
  • planning and management tools at district and city level;
  • socio-economic analysis on the implementation and uptake of RHC solutions.

The RHC ETIP accepts both individual and cooperative projects, publicly or privately financed.


Application process

The RHC ETIP accepts applications by individual researchers, public or private research organisations, companies and public authorities. Abstracts shall be submitted by 30 June 2019 via this form


Selection process

Projects/best practices will be selected by the RHC ETIP Horizontal Working Groups (HWGs) taking into consideration several aspects, such as the level of innovation, the potential for deployment and replication, the contribution to foster market penetration of RHC solutions. The HWGs will pay attention to keep the right balance between different technologies.


For further information, contact info(at)

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