Business and Investor Letter on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Eighteen signatories urge the European Parliament to take an ambitious and robust position on the Energy Performance of the Buildings Directive in the ITRE committee vote on 09 February.

Addressing the buildings sector would be vital to ensuring a secure, prosperous Europe that addresses the cost-of-living and heating crises for European residents and achieves the EU’s climate and energy goals (the buildings sector is responsible for 40% of total energy consumption and 36% of emissions in the EU). In this regard, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive will play a vital role in addressing this sector.

In October 2022, the European Council agreed on a fragile EPBD general approach with Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Ireland, noting that the ambitions of the agreed Council are too low and asking the European Parliament to introduce more ambition into this legislation.

On 09 February, the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament will vote on the compromises of the rapporteur and shadow rapporteurs. While the agreement between rapporteurs is fairly ambitious, many MEPs still question the feasibility and affordability of ambitious and robust legislation (EPBD).

With this joint business and investor letter, we aim to give confidence to the Members of the European Parliament that the EU’s economic actors are ready to implement this ambitious and robust legislation.