11 May 2023


Affordable and digital solutions to build the next generation of smart EU buildings



May 2023 - October 2026


Funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe Programme, the BuildON project seeks to develop a highly replicable, generic solution to deliver intelligent building services, facilitate the integration of heterogeneous systems and technologies, and help Build the next generatiON of Smart buildings.

BuildON’s objective is to develop and demonstrate a Smart Transformer Toolbox at TRL8 to plan and achieve improved energy performance applicable to the broadest range of building typologies and smart readiness levels via a comprehensive demonstration campaign involving five representative real-life use cases.

Expected Outcomes:

BuildON will demonstrate the “Building as a Service” in 5 real-life pilots (locations in Spain, Finland, Poland, France and Greece) with advance high-quality building automation and smart energy management systems to improve the building energy performance and occupants’ comfort and control.

  1. More innovative, affordable, user-friendly and accessible products and systems to continuously monitor and improve the energy performance of buildings
  2. Increased building energy performance through the optimisation and integration of different technologies, including renewable energy and storage, and services.
  3. Easier and more systematic use of smart products and services to achieve savings where energy renovation is not an option.
  4. Higher replicability to increase the number of buildings with smart building devices and digital infrastructure resulting in a higher smart readiness rating.


The project consortium is composed of 20 partners:

  1. Fundacion Cartif, Spain
  2. National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  3. Eurac Research (Accademia Europea Di Bolzano), Italy
  4. Engineering - Ingegneria Informatica, Italy
  5. Vtt (Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy), Finland
  6. Rina Consulting, Italy 
  7. Icons,  (Fondazione Icons), Italy
  8. Holistic, Greece
  9. Fasada, Poland
  10. Electricite De France, France
  11. La Rochelle Universite, France
  12. Heka (Helsingin Kaupungin Asunnot), Finland 
  13. Veolia Servicios Lecam, Spain
  14. Cordia, Greece
  15. Gdynia Muicipality, Poland
  16. One Team, Italy
  17. Euroheat & Power, Belgium
  18. Yodiwo, Greece
  19. Beeplanet Factory, Spain
  20. University College London, United Kingdom