09 Aug 2021

Bergamo Green

An agreement between A2A Calore & Servizi and REA DALMINE (waste to energy plant), owned by Greenthesis Group, will lead to a 50% increase in the heat available in the district heating network of the City of Bergamo.

Bergamo green.png

Two major companies enter into a multi-year partnership to connect a resource present in the area, that is, the heat currently not used and available at the plant located in Dalmine, with a need of the city of Bergamo: the demand for heating and air conditioning in buildings.

The recovered heat will be transported to the plant in via Goltara in Bergamo, where the pumping station of the district heating network will also be upgraded and a new thermal storage will be created, for better management of the available heat.

All this will make it possible to connect other areas of the city such as the neighborhoods of Colognola, Malpensata and San Tomaso as well as the area of the stadium and Via Corridoni.

The offer has been designed for all buildings equipped with a centralized heating system that can be connected to the network and present in the development areas.

This will be a great opportunity for Bergamo: 50% more than district heating which translates into 14,500 tons of CO2 less per year released into the air. 

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