ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Bangkok: Strengthening Asian-European Cooperation to promote efficient DHC

As part of the cooperation between APUEA & EHP,  Eloi Piel, Director of Market Intelligence, presented the latest figures on DHC for Europe, with a special focus on district cooling and its deployment to address rising cooling demands in the most efficient way.

The Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA) hosted its annual event during ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week at the end of August. Taking place in a high-growth region for our sector, this conference brings together all players developing solutions to make cities more sustainable and competitive.

As part of the cooperation between APUEA and Euroheat & Power, Eloi Piel, Director of Market Intelligence, delivered a presentation highlighting the latest data on district heating and cooling (DHC) in Europe, with a particular emphasis on district cooling and its role in efficiently meeting the increasing demand for cooling.

In Europe, district cooling has demonstrated remarkable efficiency, providing cooling services that are 5 to 10 times more energy-efficient than conventional air-conditioning systems. Europe counts 150 cooling networks covering 1350 kilometres, providing affordable, efficient cooling.

Cities like Amsterdam, Stockholm or Paris are setting the European example. Concerning the Dutch capital, its district heating and cooling network allows the reduction of up to 75% of CO2 cooling-related emissions by using free cold water from Lake Nieuwe Meer and Ouderrkekerplas.

This energy-saving approach is now also gaining traction in the Asia-Pacific region, with various projects underway. Notably, Nusantara, the upcoming capital city of Indonesia, is set to implement city-wide district cooling in conjunction with smart urban planning and energy-efficient building designs.


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