07 Mar 2019

A Handbook: Upgrading the performance of district heating networks - Technical and non-technical approaches

This handbook (2019) was elaborated in the framework of the EU-funded project UpgradeDH to inform any stakeholders, such as decision makers, politicians, utilities, operators, end consumers, or potential developers of DH systems, about upgrading opportunities for district heating networks. Thereby, the ambition of the handbook is not to provide a detailed technical guideline for technicians, but rather to give an overview on retrofitting options. Furthermore, the handbook is translated in 6 languages (Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Italian, Lithuanian, and Polish), as in many countries there is a lack of such information in national language.

Check the project website for more information: https://www.upgrade-dh.eu/en/publications-reports/

Author: UpgradeDH

Keywords: district heating, upgrading, contracts, business models, retrofitting, piping, digitalisation