8th International DHC+ Student Awards


Winners of the 8th International DHC+ Student Awards were revealed during the online awards ceremony on 18 June 2020, in the framework of DHC+Talks. View the recording here.

photo winners 2020.jpg
Screenshot of the online ceremony. Top row from left to right: Stefan Holler (Vice-Chair of DHC+), Martina Capone (3rd place). Bottom row from left to right: Benedikt Leitner (1st place), Antoine Fabre (2nd place).


This year's winners are: 

•    1st place – Benedikt Leitner from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / TU Wien (AT) with his research on “Simulating smart coupled district heating and electrical distribution networks
•    2nd place – Antoine Fabre from MINES Paris-Tech (FR) with his research on “Substation malfunction detection indicators to improve the operation of district heating networks
•    3rd place – Martina Capone from Politecnico di Torino (IT) with her research on “Integrated demand-side and production optimization of complex district heating and cooling networks



Launched in 2012, the DHC+ Student Awards highlight outstanding and original contributions to district heating and cooling related research, including economic and technological aspects, energy management, and the environmental consequences of energy utilisation.

Winners are invited to present their research during the official Awards ceremony and to publish their articles in the International EuroHeat&Power Magazine. This year, they were also invited to participate in the International DHC+ Summer School for free.

Additionally, the 1st place winner receives a research contribution of EUR 1000.



Many thanks to the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on DHC and EnergyVille who have been supporting the competition for many years!