27 May 2022

4th R-ACES Ecoregion Meeting

Join the R-ACES Ecoregion webinar on 7 June 2022 and learn how to initiate energy cooperation projects on industrial sites and business parks.

On 7 June 2022 the R-ACES project organises a webinar titled 'Benefit of energy cooperation for SMEs' as part of the Eco-region meetings, where experts share their stories on how they realized energy cooperation projects in their region. 

Industrial sites and business parks play a key role in the energy transition: ​They have the potential to become hubs of energy flows for the entire region around them. However, initiating energy cooperation projects is often easier said than done.

General energy prices are rising due to a series of international events. For SMEs this means that they see their energy bills double or even triple. Energy cooperation could lower the use of energy and thus save money. R-ACES developed several tools to make energy cooperation easily accessible. The fourth RERA Meeting is showcasing examples of how SMEs can benefit from energy cooperation projects to lower energy costs.

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