31 Jan 2023

2LIPP – 2nd Life for Power Plants

Transforming heat and power plants into clean energy storage providers


January 2023 – June 2026


Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program for climate innovation, the 2LiPP project aims at demonstrating a scalable hybrid storage system designed to support combined heat and power (CHP) plants in their transition from fossil-based operations to key providers of grid stability and security of supply in a renewable grid.

2LiPP will provide valuable insights on possible repurposing pathways for CHP plants in Europe and around the world.

Expected outcomes:

The project will demonstrate how a combination of three energy storage technologies with different storage capacities and dispatch capabilities can be operated in parallel to offer a wide range of grid services:

  • Flywheel, provided by QuinteQ Energy
  • Recycled lithium-ion batteries, provided by PLS Energy Systems
  • Molten salt storage, provided by Hyme
Molten salt.jpg


A new type of energy management system will be developed by Pini Solutions to operate and dispatch the storage units optimally.

The solution will mean that one can avoid losing obsolete fossil fuel assets worth billions in Europe alone by updating them instead. It will reduce the time and costs of implementing renewable energy storage and will speed up the green transition.


The 16 project partners from 6 countries are: 







Associate Partners

  • VBGE (DE)
  • Pomorskie Region (PL)