26 Aug 2022

Huge success for the 10th International DHC+ Summer School in Gottingen

The 10th edition of the DHC+ Summer School, focused on “Transformation towards sustainable DHC” took place between 21 -26 August 2022 in Gottingen, Germany, and gathered 28 participants from all around Europe.

 “Transformation towards sustainable DHC.” 

The 10th edition of the DHC+ Summer School, focused on “Transformation towards sustainable DHC,” took place between 21 -26 August 2022 in Gottingen, Germany.

22SSc_Fraunhofer Visit
Participants of the 10th International DHC+ Summer School


For its 10th anniversary, the DHC+ Summer School returned to the country where it all started! 28 participants gathered in Gottingen, Germany to learn from some of the most reputed and experienced lecturers and industry leaders. Following the tradition of the Summer School and in accordance with DHC+ Platform's mission of investing in the new generation, they were encouraged to debate, cooperate, use their existing knowledge of DHC and think of innovative ways to approach sustainability and further development of the sector. 

The 2022 edition introduced the REWARDHeat Serious Game. It provided participants with the opportunity to tackle various challenges, taking on the roles of government, consumers and producers. The nature of the game ensured they had to negotiate using the knowledge and skills they gathered during the week of intense lectures and workshops. It succeeded in providing them with a better understanding of the potential challenges each group faces when trying to ensure cost-effectiveness for the sector and the  incorporation of and transition towards more renewables.

The 10th edition also included site visits to HAWK's, Stadtwerke's and Fraunhofer's premises as well as various workshops. Additionally, participants enjoyed moments to network in a more relaxed environment such as during the visit to Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, the UNESCO Work Heritage site in Kassel.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts HAWK University and Fraunhofer IEE for their hospitality and AGFW, Danfoss and E.ON for their support and contribution to the programme!