Regional strategies and action plans to support the transformation of existing urban DHC systems

This report summarises regional strategies and action plans of six different regions

RES-DHC aims to promote a wider introduction of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the District Heating and Cooling (DHC) sector and to support the transformation of existing urban DHC system to RES in six participating regions. 

After identifying barriers to renewable DH market development through surveys conducted in all regions, local teams elaborated, with the expertise of regional stakeholders, an impact-oriented regional strategy that propose solutions and measures to overcome the barriers identified. The best measures were discussed and assessed in order to select the most efficient ones in a point of view of feasibility. Thanks to this process, regional strategies were transformed into detailed action plans adapted to the local framework conditions, enhancing their potential impact in terms of market development. 

This report presents the summary of the regional strategies and action plans. Each planned measure has been described and planned in detail in a factsheet (one per measure) that will be completed during the testing and implementation phase and then made publicly available.