Position Paper on Key Texts of the European Commission's Fit for 55 Package.

REWARDHeat is giving an overview of the most important aspects of Fit-for-55 proposals for the H&C sector.

The Fit-for-55 proposals that will have the biggest impact on DHC, and the wider H&C sector, are the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the revision and extension of the EU Emissions Trading System Directive (EU ETS). Therefore, REWARDHeat is giving an overview of the most important aspects of these proposals for the H&C sector. Currently the proposals are going through the ordinary legislative procedure. The modern, highly-efficient demonstrator networks deployed in the project embody the energy efficiency first principle, integrating locally-available heat sources and operating at low temperatures to reduce heat losses from the network. Additionally, the networks are supplied by at least 80% renewable and waste heat sources. The energy efficiency first principle is also applied in sister project ReUseHeat, focusing on urban waste heat recovery as a means to efficiently phase out gas and electricity. 

Authors: J. Corscadden (Euroheat and Power), S. Scotton (European Heat Pump Association), P. Lucas (Euroheat and Power), J. Vanbecelaere (European Heat Pump Association), K. Lygnerud, (IVL), R. Fedrizzi (EURAC)