Policy recommendations to foster the transformation of existing urban DHC systems

This report provides policy recommendations tailored for specific stakeholder groups

In this comprehensive document realised by the RES-DHC project, they present a set of policy recommendations aimed at specific target groups. These recommendations have been formulated by amalgamating insights from the EU-funded RES-DHC project, enriched with expertise from other prominent initiatives and contemporary research in the field of district heating and cooling. To provide a more detailed understanding of our approach, these recommendations are meticulously tailored for distinct stakeholder groups, which are further elucidated in Section 3.

The objective of this document is to actively foster the transformation of district heating and cooling (DHC) systems within regions still relying on fossil fuel-based heating systems. In fact, their commitment is to shift the paradigm from fossil fuel dependence to a reliance on renewable energy sources, thereby guiding in an era of economically and ecologically sustainable DHC systems. While certain measures implemented within this transformation may be context-specific to some regional or national landscape, many of them can be embraced and implemented as effective models throughout the European Union.


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