Overview of Heating and Cooling

Perceptions, markets and regulatory frameworks for decarbonisation of heating and cooling

This publication depicts the perception or image of heat pumps (HP) and district heating and cooling (DHC) among different consumers in the residential, industrial and public sectors, and analyses key elements and drivers that govern the decisions of key actors regarding H&C technologies.

The study includes a literature meta-analysis, a survey among households and interviews with representatives of the industrial and public sectors, a detailed literature and document analysis regarding the monetary and non-monetary incentives of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in heating and cooling.

Furthermore, the different cost components of DHC and HP are examined from perspectives of suppliers and final consumer and finally, the potential of energy efficiency obligations schemes is analysed.

Access the Executive Summary and the accompanying deliverables here: https://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2833/962558 

The study was commisioned by Directorate General for Energy, European Commission. Fraunhofer ISI lead the authoring team that includes the Austrian Institute of Technology, the European Heat Pump Association and the University of Aberdeen.