Advancing District Heating & Cooling Solutions and Uptake in European Cities

The European Commission published an overview of District Heating & Cooling projects.

The document provides an in depth overview of all DHC projects including Key Performance Indicators, summary tables, and rating for each solution based on its replication potential. Aiming to address cities and their needs, this brochure not only provides a summary of the projects, the demonstration sites, and relevant contact details, but also give answers to the most pressing questions concerning the replication of these solutions: “what is the solution”, “why should I use it”, “what is the environmental impact of the solution”.

This overview was prepared for the Directorate-General for Energy (European Commission, DG ENER) in the framework of the CELSIUS Initiative. It is authored by the DHC+ Platform Secretariat and is available in design version here

Access the report here:

Authors: Sofia Lettenbichler, Jack Corscadden, Aksana Krasatsenka (DHC+ Platform, Euroheat & Power)