STRATEGO / Heat Roadmap Europe 3

  • Reports and Studies
  • 22 May 2015
  • by Aalborg University, Halmstad University, Ecofys, PlanEnergi, Euroheat & Power
Cover - STRATEGO Executive Summary & Main Report-1
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Heat Roadmap Europe 3 is the report produced within work package 2 of the STRATEGO project.


The overall aim in STRATEGO WP2 is to develop low-carbon heating and cooling strategies, which are called Heat Roadmaps, and subsequently to quantify the impact of implementing them at a national level for five EU Member States, which are Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Romania, and the United Kingdom.


These countries vary considerably in terms of population, climate, resources, and energy supply, so the key results, conclusions, and recommendations presented in this report can inform national energy policy across all of Europe.


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