Long term projections for large-scale heating and cooling in the EU

  • Reports and Studies
  • 02 January 2018
  • by Joint Research Centre
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The following study provides data and projections for large-scale District Heating (DH) technologies including an outlook till 2050 and regional differences. The study will also complement a similar study performed in 2016 for small-scale technologies applicable to residential and tertiary sector. The study was designed and coordinated together with the modellers of the European Commission- DG Joint Research Centre (JRC) but is also addressed to anyone else interested in techno-economic data for heating and cooling technologies at the range of one to several hundred Megawatt (MW). The provided information will be used in simulation tools in order to assess the possibilities of DH within the EU or specific countries.


The dataset for this study can be downloaded at http://data.europa.eu/89h/jrc-etri-techno-economics-larger-heating-cooling-technologies-2017

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