The Heating Market in Sweden

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The project “The Heating Market in Sweden” is a multi-disciplinary project, which in its first phase was run during 2013 – 2014. The aim of the project is to draw an overall picture of the Swedish heating market and to present the opportunities and the challenges that the heating market is facing. The project has engaged many of the players on the heating market; heating users, heating producers, energy and facility suppliers, branch organisations, and authorities.


In the first phase of the project we have analysed the heating market and its development. We have looked at the development of the entire energy system, but local and regional aspects have also been considered, and our analysis is partly based on the latter.


“The Heating Market in Sweden” was sponsored by 15 financial partners. The steering group has carried the overall responsibility for the project. The reference group has followed the project and reviewed the results. This project organisation has ensured that results and reports have been delivered on time and to quality expectations.

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