A longer life for CELSIUS

  • Cities & District Energy News
  • 06 September 2016
  • by CELSIUS

The CELSIUS project has been extended to last until 31 December 2017. Several benefits follow: more elaborate results, a larger number of replicable solutions and more time to support member cities.


“The Commission has approved that the project continues nine months longer than first planned, in order to present an overall better result”, says CELSIUS project coordinator Katrina Folland. “It is natural that the energy market and surrounding world changes in a 4-year-period. We need to modify the project accordingly, in order to deliver up-to-date and relevant results.”


In order to keep the technologies and services developed up to speed, changes have been made in some of the demonstrators. Thus it takes more time than estimated to get them running, monitor the outcome, evaluate results and package them as replicable solutions. “We want to achieve all the objectives set for the project. It is very important to perform this in the best way possible, in order to make replication happen.”


The longer project period brings benefits in several areas, according to Katrina Folland. “A longer monitoring period for the demonstrators means more reliable results. The extension also gives us the opportunity to support CELSIUS cities for a longer period of time, through workshops and webinars on important topics and further development of the wiki.”


Source: CELSIUS Newsletter – September 2016


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