The European Commission Published the Heating and Cooling Strategy

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  • 16 February 2016
  • by European Commission

Warming homes not the planetOn 16 February 2016,  Commission presented its energy security package, including  the first ever dedicated strategy for the heating and cooing sector.


The heating and cooling of buildings and industry consumes half of the EU’s energy. Further, it is 75% powered by fossil fuels. The proposed Heating and Cooling strategy focuses on removing barriers to decarbonisation in buildings and industry. It also stresses that increased energy efficiency and use of renewables will have an impact on energy security. Looking into this sector more strategically is crucial as the EU wants to improve its interdependence from external suppliers.


More information:

Press release – Towards Energy Union: The Commission presents sustainable energy security package

Commission Communication on an EU strategy for heating and cooling 

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Factsheet on heating and cooling

Infographic on heating and cooling


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