Be the next DHC+ Chair!

  • Euroheat & Power News
  • 18 December 2020

The next years will be shaping the framework of the energy transition for the decades to come. Step up into a leading role in these defining years.

Why become the new DHC+ Chair / Vice-Chair?
  • Get visibility for your organization and yourself;
  • Expand your network in Europe;
  • Represent the district energy innovation sector;
  • Shape and guide the activities of DHC+;
  • Be an important voice in the energy innovation policy landscape.


What is the role of the DHC+ Chair and Vice-Chairs?

The Chairpersons (1 Chairperson and 2 Vice‐Chairpersons) have a mandate of three years

  • They provide strategic advice and guidance to the DHC+ Secretariat;
  • They represent and promote DHC+ towards third parties;
  • They give an important contribution to the development of the strategy of the DHC+ activities 2021-2024 which will be elaborated in the first months of 2021; for info, find here the strategy 2018-2021.

In addition, each chairperson can (but must not) focus on a specific DHC+ priority (such as research policy and funding advocacy, education & training activities, development of DHC+ as a knowledge hub, support to funding opportunities) and/or on a specific topic (such as energy integration, digitalization, low temperature, business model innovation, waste heat etc). If you have a specific priority and/or topic you would like to focus on, please indicate so in the cover letter.


What is the expected workload?

Around 1 day per month. The role involves travelling in Europe, particularly for events such as the DHC+ Assembly, Euroheat & Power Congress etc. Work time and costs for travels are not reimbursed.


How to apply?

If your organisation is a DHC+ member (please check here) and you would like to be a candidate, please send your CV and a cover letter to In the cover letter please describe:

  • your motivation;
  • how you see DHC+ evolving in the next three years (that will be taken into account for the DHC+ strategy 2021-2024);
  • how you will contribute to the DHC+ work.

The cover letter should not be longer than 1 page.

Deadline for applications: 29 January 2021.


For more information, please contact Alessandro Provaggi:


What are the next steps?

In early February, the secretariat will share the CVs and the cover letters with all the DHC+ members and organize the vote (electronically). There will be no separate vote for Chair and Vice-Chairs so the candidate with more votes becomes Chair. Once elected, the new Chair/Vice-Chairs will have a leading role in the co-creation of the new strategy 2021-2024.

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