Mijnwater new DHC+ member

  • Euroheat & Power News
  • 14 February 2020

Mijnwater in Heerlen deploys and operates what is probably the leading example of a 5th Generation District Heating and cooling Grid (5GDHC). While most such systems are still small, Mijnwater provides heating and cooling services to 250000 m2 of floor space; 40 km of trenches were dug for the main piping; it delivers 20TJ/a heating, and 20 TJ/a of cooling; peak heat demand is 1.7 MW; it operates 100 high performance heatm pumps of 200 kW, and 100 booster heat pumps for  hot tapwater; it serves large office buildings, supermarkets, shops, educational buildings, industry, and 400 dwellings. The surrounding region of Parkstad Limburg plans for it to serve 120000 dwellings plus commercial builsings, by 2040. That makes a floorspace of 20 million m2. An investment of 3G€ for 2040.

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