Joint Ownership Agreement for STORM controller technology

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  • 14 February 2017

NODA EnergyvilleThis afternoon, Swedish district heating solution provider NODA Intelligent Systems AB and energy research centre EnergyVille/VITO, partners in the European Horizon 2020 research project STORM ‘Self-Organising Thermal Operational Resource Management’ have signed a Joint Ownership Agreement on the innovative district heating controller technology developed in the project.


“VITO/EnergyVille, as an applied research center, works together with advanced solution providers like NODA to have impact in society via sustainable technological innovation and transition support.” – Walter Eevers, research director at EnergyVille/VITO


“In our vision to be one of the leading actors of smart energy solutions in the new energy landscape, research and innovation is the backbone of our services.” – Patrick Isacson, CEO of NODA


“Collaborating with a prestigious research center such as VITO/Energyville is invaluable to us, and provides both actors a unique opportunity to research, develop and provide technical forefront innovations to the energy market.” – Cristian Johansson, Head of Research & Innovation at NODA


The technology will be part of NODA’s Smart Heat Grid flagship product, that provides intelligent control functions that manage district heating networks and coordinates the interaction between production, distribution and consumption in order to achieve energy efficiency and long-term sustainability. The controller based on self-learning algorithms is currently experimented in the two STORM demo sites. The developed controller will enable to maximise the use of waste heat and renewable energy sources in DHC networks.


The Joint Ownership Agreement is paving the way to ensure the exploitation and market uptake of the STORM controller.


More information about the STORM project can be found on

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