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  • 16 November 2018
Theme: Excellence in Smart Grids for Local integrated Energy Systems (Smart Microgrids)


Around the world, governments are taking the initiative in setting up renewable energy generation facilities including solar, bio-power and wind energy farms, and increasingly concentrating on renewable energy resource-based local integrated energy systems, such as microgrids. The increased demand for enhanced technology for power generation and distribution, growing industrialization, government initiatives in green energy, and a demand for a secure and consistent power supply are some of the factors driving the growth of microgrids in all global regions.


Competition Details:


The official rules of this ISGAN Award of Excellence competition and detailed application guidance can be found on the ISGAN website.


The new extended deadline for nominations is 26 November 2018!


  • Projects entered into this competition are also eligible to win the complementary GSGF Best Smartgrid Project Award.
  • Eligible projects include pilot, demonstration, and deployment projects as well as established programs that demonstrate excellence in employing modern smart grid technologies for local integrated energy systems (microgrids).
  • Eligible projects can be focused primarily on another objective, such as grid automation, as long as they employ smart grids and demonstrate integration of electricity systems. For this competition, both smartgrids and microgrids are defined broadly, recognizing significant differences among nations’ circumstances, objectives, and approaches.
  • Submissions will be judged by a jury of international experts organized by ISGAN and the GSGF. The jury will select one or more winning projects using three primary criteria (potential impacts, economic rationale, potential for replication or adaptation) and two secondary criteria (level of innovation, other benefits).
  • Winners will be contacted in early 2019. They will receive prestigious recognition during an awards ceremony at the Tenth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM10) in Canada in May 2019. They will be also recognized in ISGAN and GSGF products and events, affirming them as global exemplars of excellence.


Background: The Awards Opportunity for Global Recognition

The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) Award of Excellence and the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) Best Smartgrids Project Award showcase leadership and innovation in smart grid projects around the world and highlight the tremendous value of smarter, more flexible electric grids.
ISGAN and GSGF seek projects that exemplify excellence in smart grids for local integrated energy systems (smart microgrids) to apply to this fifth ISGAN Award of Excellence competition.


Fill in the submission form: ISGAN Awards 2019_Submission Form.

Here you can find the supplemental form: ISGAN Awards 2019_Supplemental Form

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