Heating and Cooling on the EU Energy Agenda at Last

  • Euroheat & Power News
  • 17 February 2016
  • by Euroheat & Power

Euroheat & Power welcomes today’s publication of the first EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling. The Communication comes after many years of constructive dialogue with the European institutions and constitutes an indisputable recognition of the role the heating and cooling sector plays in the transition to a sustainable energy future.


Following the release of the strategy earlier today, Managing Director Paul Voss said: “This is an important moment for the many people and organisations who have argued for the need to put heating and cooling at the centre of the EU’s energy policy where it belongs. Now that at least the outline of a strategy is in place, we can turn to the exciting challenge of translating its principle into practice through ambitious and well-crafted regulatory measures. The District Energy sector looks forward to helping establish the sustainable heating and cooling model that Europe and its citizens require.”


The EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling was published within the 2016 Energy Security package released by the European Commission as part of the Energy Union implementation. The overall vision of the Strategy is the decarbonisation of European buildings based on energy efficiency, the shift to renewable energy and the synergies between heating and cooling and the electricity system through means of efficient District Heating.


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