HAWK University joins the DHC+ Technology Platform

  • Euroheat & Power News
  • 20 September 2019

The HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen is a German state university in Lower Saxony. The university combines six faculties with more than 6000 students in three cities: Hildesheim, Holzminden and Göttingen.


HAWK’s research priorities are: laser and plasma technology, rural areas: social, economic and structural development prospects and, sustainable production and use of biogenic raw materials. The latter research area includes the research group “Sustainable Energy and Environmental technology (NEUTec)” which, among other topics, focuses on applied research and development in the field of energy technology and process engineering, waste management, as well as, environmental technology with a focus on: efficient increase of energy supply systems, decarbonisation of district heating systems and integration of RES, optimisation and integration of thermal storage, modelling and simulation of district heating systems, optimisation of biomass technology, solid biofuels and thermal processes such as pyrolysis and hydro-thermal carbonisation, as well as, life cycle analysis, sustainability and energy and climate protection management.


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