District heating network with smart, self-learning heat controllers in Eindhoven

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  • 07 January 2019
  • by EnergyVille

Ennatuurlijk and EnergyVille/VITO started a pilot project in Eindhoven with smart, self-learning demand side management controllers. These smart controllers are based on self-learning algorithms and make it possible to better make us of waste heat and renewable energy sources in buildings and districts. In the upcoming months the smart heat controllers will be elaborately tested.


The controllers regulate the temperature inside, making it possible to make buildings smarter by means of data. Michiel Vromans of Ennatuurlijk explains: “The heat controller collects data which makes sure to learn the consumption pattern of a building. This way, the energy efficiency of these buildings can be monitored and managed more efficiently. Additionally the controller uses the thermal mass of the building more intelligently making it possible to use the building as a buffer for heat. This heat can be used to balance peak moments in the heat demand.”


Koen Allaerts, project coordinator at EnergyVille/VITO:  “The STORM controller wants to optimise the heat demand of buildings and districts in favour of the demand. This way more energy from renewable heat sources or waste heat can be used. Apart from optimally using sustainable and renewable heat sources this approach can also lead to several advantages for district heating in which part of the network congestion could occur. Furthermore, the controller can be a more efficiently and financially interesting alternative for widespread thermal storage most often applied in district heating in need of extra flexibility.”


EnergyVille/VITO developed the smart heat controller in close collaboration with the Swedish company NODA, a Scandinavian enterprise market leader in intelligent district heating systems. In the upcoming years Ennatuurlijk and EnergyVille/VITO will also investigate the impact of the controllers on the district heating network in Eindhoven.


Source: EnergyVille

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