Dalkia Improves Energy & Environmental Performance of Pompidou Centre

  • Industry News
  • 29 March 2016
  • by Dalkia

As part of a €30 million public procurement contract, Dalkia carried out renovations on the air-conditioning system at the Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, commonly known as the Pompidou Centre. The project will help the building reduce its energy consumption by more than 20% and prevent 500 tonnes of CO2 per year, starting in 2016.


This significant improvement in energy and environmental performance is the result of work that began in 2012 and was recently completed. Dalkia replaced the 13 air-handling units on the roof of the building with new air-to-air ASHP (air source heat pump) systems.


The new systems improve electrical and thermal efficiency and deliver the heating, cooling and humidity needed throughout the building’s 100,000 square metres. Air-to-air ASHP technology offers an efficient, sustainable solution. This is the first time the technology has been used on such a large-scale project.


In line with changing weather conditions, these ASHPs can keep the temperature of a building between 19°C and 21°C, which not only makes things more comfortable for the nearly five million people who visit the Pompidou Centre every year but also ensures optimal conditions to preserve the works of art in the building, maintaining humidity at a constant 50%.


“Cultural venues open to the public require a lot of energy to meet their electricity and heating needs and power their facilities while complying with stringent standards to preserve their works of art. Dalkia provided an innovative, more cost-effective air-conditioning system for the Pompidou Centre that also optimises energy consumption.”

Jean-Philippe Buisson
Dalkia Director for the Ile-de-France region


Source: Dalkia

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