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Welcome to the most comprehensive compilation of statistics and analysis on District Heating And Cooling in more than 30 markets across Europe and beyond!

Euroheat & Power publishes the Country by Country (CbC) report every two years. We are delighted to confirm that our new and most comprehensive edition will be released in the coming months! The information is provided by external contributors, mainly national district heating and cooling associations as well as research organisations. As part of our district energy knowledge hub and as a preview to the information contained in the Country by Country report, we provide country profiles based on the most recent information we have available. (Please click here to see a breakdown of the data provided by all contributing countriesThis includes key data, infographics and a short description of the national district heating and cooling landscapes.

For more information on the impact of district energy at a local level, don’t forget to explore our #DHCities map, featuring DHC decarbonisation success stories from city officials across Europe:


From the 2017 edition onwards, the Euroheat & Power Country By Country Survey is an online publication (interactive tool). This latest edition contains the most recent data made available to us via our contributors (market data of 2017; please note that for a limited number of countries, the latest data available may be older, please view the breakdown here). Please note that the publication cannot be downloaded (in PDF format or otherwise) and that the subscription-based access is personal and non-transferable.

Representatives of our Euroheat & Power member organisations may access the publication free of charge. How to get access?

  • Please check if your organisation is a member here (Please note that unfortunately, free access does not include DHC+ members).
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How do I access the report?

If you have an account on our website, please login. The Country by Country publications is accessible from the Members Homepage (last tab on the right). If you have any difficulty accessing this publication on our new website, it can also be found by visiting our archive.

If you are not a member, but you are one of the authors of our Country by Country content or a European/national policy-maker, you may also be eligible for free access to the publication. Please contact [email protected].

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