Visit to solar district heating plant in Narbonne

Europe holds the key to solutions that can help tackle the current energy crisis. DHC+ member NewHeat, a French company providing solar heat solutions for large heat consumers, is inviting you to visit the solar district heating plant in Narbonne, France.

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With 3200 m² of solar collectors and a total land area of 1.5 ha, the one in Narbonne is the 2nd largest solar thermal plant for district heating in France. It provides approximately 2300 MWh of energy per year and 1000 m3 of storage capacity, avoiding almost 600 tons of CO2 emissions.

The visit of the Narbonne site will take place on the 8th of December 2022 and will start at 14:00 with a presentation of the project followed by a site visite of the plant.

The audience will comprise DHN operators, municipalities and other regional energy syndicates.


Should you have any questions about the visit or solar thermal, do not hesitate to contact Alexandre Bacquet, Head of District Heating for France: [email protected]