#REWARDHeat event in Helsingborg

In June 2022, REWARDHeat will travel to Helsingborg, Sweden for a week of project-related events, including an open conference on Thursday 16th June. The decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is a major challenge. District heating and heat pumps are leading solutions working towards the decarbonization of the sector, but each technology has its pros and cons. How will the heat demand of future be supplied? Most probably we will see new combinations of systems and components, designed for local conditions, for instance hybrid DHC systems including geothermal storage and customization by heat pumps. The morning session will address these issues, with a discussion on the role and potential of smart DHC systems.

The afternoon session will explore the current investment landscape and the opportunities for attracting institutional investors to low temperature DHC networks. The project seeks to turn these networks into a new asset class, making modern district energy solutions a profitable investment opportunity, while contributing to the achievement of EU climate targets. The event will showcase both international and Swedish examples of successful investments, with a discussion on how these cases can be replicated across Europe.

Registration and programme will be duly announced.