IDEA 2023

IDEA members and district energy colleagues from dozens of countries around the world will come together to share experiences, explore new solutions, and learn from each other.

Empowering the Next Generation

Since 1909, the IDEA annual conference has connected members of the district energy industry from across North America and around the globe to share and advance best practices, enable collaboration and leverage member experience and emerging technologies. In 2023, industry focus on de-carbonizing and fortifying energy systems will involve partnering, planning and robust investment.

Today, cities, communities, campuses and clusters are implementing district energy infrastructure to mitigate and prepare for the impacts of climate change, cut emissions and provide a more robust, resilient and connected local economy.

Program Topics Include:

• De-Carbonizing with District Energy
• District Systems Scale Driving the Energy Transition
• District Cooling & Thermal Energy Storage
• Campus and Community Energy Development
• Smarter Cities & Resilient Energy Infrastructure
• Integrating Renewable Energy
• Energy Efficiency
• Cybersecurity
• Distribution Systems and Customer Buildings
• Future Fuels and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
• Geothermal and Geo-Exchange
• Heat Pumps and Energy Recovery Technologies including Waste Heat /Recycled/Recovered Heat
• Microgrids & Distributed Generation
• Public Private Partnerships to Accelerate Investment in Energy Infrastructure
• System Expansion, Modernization & Renewal
• District Energy and CHP Case Studies in Cities, Communities and Campuses (corporate, health care, research, pharma campuses, airports & military bases)
• Community Energy Planning & Master Planning
• Business Development, Business Models, Partnering and Financing Strategies
• Controls, Monitoring, Metering, Optimization & Energy Management
• Water Conservation and Optimization Strategies
• Staffing, Recruiting, Training, Mentoring and Talent Management